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Our work is addressing LGBT community social and human rights challenges and abuses such as health needs, psychosocial needs, shelter and feeding needs, illegal arrests, house evictions, family and community rejection. Our work also is developing communication, safety and literacy skills, self-esteem and confidence among LGBT community members who are facing serious challenges of homophobia and transphobia so that they can leave a life of dignity.

You can contribute through provision of donation in form of materials such as food items, sports gears, resource centre books; equipment such as computers, internet gadgets, chairs, tables and cars; funds or money for supporting LGBT community needs with food, health care treatment and care; time to work as volunteers, trainers in some skills and counsellors.

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Out and Proud Uganda (OAP-U)
Abaita Ababiri, Entebbe Uganda
Office Telephone +256393239025
Executive Director Mobile +256758673359
Bank: DFCU Bank Entebbe Town Branch

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